What are this year’s dates?

November 10-12, 2017

How do I register?

There is no registration. Turf n Surf is FREE and easy to participate — just show up!

How do I purchase an event T-shirt (and other cool gear)?

You MUST pre-order your gear by October 15, 2017 so we can have them printed in time for pick-up at the event. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW so you don’t forget.




What will the tides be like during Turf n Surf?

Check out (HINT: print and bring) this TIDE TABLE.

What is the weather like in Pismo Beach?

Pismo Beach enjoys typical central California coastal weather conditions. Fall (Sept-Nov) is most enjoyable. Sunny skies, warm temperatures and calm winds predominate most days.

However, it is an exposed sandy beach so it can be cold, foggy, windy and might even rain. No matter what the weather rest assured their will be plenty of happy campers and Land Cruisers on the beach.

I don’t like camping can I still attend?

Yes, you can come out for the day or get a room in town. There are numerous hotels, restaurants and other tourist facilities located minutes from the beach.

Where can I get more Local information?

Check out: Pismo Beach Visitor Information.

Can you recommend anything special to do while we’re in Pismo?

Yes, check out the Monarch Butterfly Grove. These migratory butterflies congregate by the millions in a few eucalyptus trees each fall. If they are in town it’s really something to see, kind of a butterfly Turf n Surf!


Oceano Dunes SVRA

What does it cost to camp on the beach?

Camping on the beach at the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area is $10.00 per day per vehicle, you can make advance reservations at Reserve California (Park Name = OCEANO DUNES SVRA).

Do I need reservations?

Probably not, but there is a limit to the number of camping passes sold. Although sell outs are common in the summer and during holidays the park has never sold out during Turf n Surf. Nonetheless, making reservations will ensure your peace of mind.


What is it like to camp on the beach?

Expect sunny skies, warm temperatures and calm winds on most days but remember camping on the beach is exposed and primitive. Savvy campers will bring windscreens, camp tables, BBQs and firewood.

Are campfires allowed on the beach?

Yes. Please be sure the wood is free of nails ie; no pallets. There’s no requirement for free standing pits or tubs, most folks just make a little depression in the sand.

There are some unusual techniques when having fires on the beach — don’t put them out when you leave and definitely don’t bury them. Sounds a bit strange if you’re accustomed to camping in the forest but if you walk barefoot or park your rig on top of one you’ll know why.

Can I drive a motorhome or tow rig and trailer onto the beach?

Yes, motorhomes, tow rigs and trailers are common on the beach and can easily reach the Turf n Surf camp during low tide. Be aware of tides and the potential creek crossing. Use common sense, watch and wait for conditions to improve if necessary.

What facilities are there – specifically, restrooms?

There are dry “pit” toilets near the Turf n Surf camp. You must bring anything else you need, including water.

What about public showers?

There are some “secret” public showers located just off the beach at a small City owned campground. Take Airport Road off Pier Avenue between Old Jaun’s Cantina (HWY 1) and the beach ramp kiosk. The small campground and showers are on the right a couple blocks South of Pier Ave. Not many people know about them and they are nice.

What about a dump station for my RV?

Yes, a dump station is available. Inquire at the Kiosk or South Beach Campground.

Is there a nearby place to fill up with potable water?

Yes, the State Parks Campground allows you to pull potable water at the campground (the one off Hwy 1). There is a sewer dump and water source, if you are using any of the State Parks facilities you can dump and load water.

What about trash service on the beach?

There is NO TRASH service on the beach, YOU PACK IT IN, YOU PACK IT OUT. Leaving trash bags full of trash on the beach or next to the restrooms isn’t cool. Please use the LARGE trash dumpster and Recycle dumpster on the beach near pole 2. You’ll receive a free trash bag when you enter the park.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, provided they are on a leash at all times. Please remember this is a vehicle recreation area with many ATVs, motorcylces, Land Cruisers and 4WD trucks. Uncontrolled dogs can be a safety hazard to themselves and others. Plus, there are potential environmental issues with marine wildlife and shore birds.

  • The leash law is strictly enforced.
What are other important rules?
  • Speed limit is 15 MPH on the beach and within 50′ of any camp or group of people.
  • Laws that pertain to driving under the influence of alcohol are exactly the same for off-highway as they are for on-highway. Don’t drink and drive.
 What is the best way to find out more about the park rules?

Check out the State park’s web site at Oceano Dunes State Off-Highway Vehicle Area or call the ranger station at (805) 473-7220.


Driving on the Beach and Sand Dunes

I’ve never driven on the beach, will I get stuck?

No, you’re in a Land Cruiser right?

Actually, it happens but it’s nothing to worry about. Here are some tips:

  • First, if you start to bog down, stop. While momentum is your friend, spinning your tires will just dig you in deeper and doesn’t help. The idea is to stay on top of the sand.
  • Second, let some air out of your tires, not just a little, let enough out to see the side wall bulge. The best pressure depends on your vehicle weight, tires, etc. but 10-15 psi is a good target. ALL 4 TIRES SHOULD BE AIRED DOWN.
What about the creek crossing?

The creek will likely be dry. However it is a seasonal stream that responds quickly to rain runoff. If it has been raining it will likely be flowing. Usually it is only a few inches deep and can be easily crossed. However, it can change quickly and become a treacherous torrent. Please use your common sense, if in doubt don’t attempt to cross. The best advice is to 1) park and watch other people cross to help judge the conditions. 2) Avoid crossing at high tide, wait a couple hours for the tide to change. Again, use common sense.

Do I need a sand flag?

YES! New regulations now requires a whip and flag for all vehicles in the dunes. The regulation also prohibits specified vehicle operations that are unsafe but do not rise to the level of reckless operation or child endangerment. You can buy sand flags at a couple shops near the Pier Ave entrance.

What type of recovery gear is recommended?

Tire gauge, shovel and snatch strap.

If you’re really serious about recovery gear or looking for an excuse to add to your kit: tire valve tool, sturdy front and rear recovery points on your vehicle, Hi-Lift jack, bottle jack and jacking plate, on-board air compressor or CO2 tank.


Inland Trails

What happens on Sunday with the Inland Trails and Pozo Finale?

Were planning on leaving the beach as one big Land Cruiser Caravan around 11:0AM Sunday morning.Join us as we head inland to the historic Pozo Saloon in the small town of Pozo on Sunday afternoon. It’s a fun drive and great way to end the weekend. We will provide directions, maps, and information.


Why Pozo?


The Pozo Saloon circa 1858 is located under large sycamore trees in a relaxing park like setting. It’s full of historic memorabilia and provides a casual family environment to enjoy a “Pozo Martini” (cold beer served in mason jars with olives) and some great food. Once taken over by the Turf N Surf cruiserheads it’s reminiscent of the legendary Broken Birfield Bar.